Ring the bell.

The dinner bell that is. There are plenty of options for eats just a short jaunt north of Golden Gate Park.

  • Pizzetta 211. Only a few tiny tables, super tasty pies (of the pizza variety), and a decently priced wine list.  
  • Kabuto. An absolute sushi gem on Geary. We were almost tempted to keep this one to ourselves.
  • Burma Superstar. Soups, curries, and yes, you can't leave without having the infamous tea leaf salad.
  • Aziza. Moroccan food, amazing cocktails, and a Michelin star. Always start with the spreads and flatbread. 

Now have to be stuffed. What better way to tuck in for the day?
After all, you do have work tomorrow. 


Aziza | 5800 Geary
Kabuto | 5121 Geary
Pizzetta 211 | 211 23rd Ave
Burma Superstar | 309 Clement St