Over the hill...

First stop, West Coast Wines . An abundant selection of many names you know…and many more you don't, all from California, Oregon and Washington.  If you need a small bite, go for the deviled eggs or the cheese because when would we ever not recommend amazing cheeses? If you know what you like, talk to and trust recommendations from the dude. He's been on point every. single. time. 

Prefer to wait and get snacks for the road? Pop in to Real Foods Market. Get something delicious and (as usual) picnic ready. An alternate light option is Blue Barn, or hell, get a piece of cake at Susie Cakes if you'd like... because you're an adult.

Then walk towards the water. Park down on a bench or play in the sand on Chrissy Beach, and sit back, relax and just watch the sun drop behind the glory of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Down for  late night bites? Hit up Causwells for one of the few Octopus dishes in SF we swear by. Some incredibly informed sources adore the burger (Michael Bauer does too). Another nearby option is Delarosa, for some killer cocktails, small bites, and pizza.

Then, we'll lightly suggest it's time to call it a day. After all, you do have work tomorrow. 


West Coast Wines | 2165 Union 
Real Foods Market
Blue Barn
Susie Cakes