wayfare+wander is a travel guide inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books we all read and loved as children.

It is a curated collection of choices that progressively build a meandering adventure,  filled with some of the best food, drink, sights, and shops a place can offer, where your path is crafted by the decisions you make. Right now we're starting in San Francisco…and we'll go from there.

Want to contribute, have an idea where we should wander next, or simply say hello? Drop us a line: wayfarewander (at) gmail (dot) com


I’m a wanderer.

My nomadic habit started when I was 3 months old, sitting in a window seat. It's a place I'd find myself more often than most for the next few decades. (Thanks mom and dad for working for an airline and granting me access to flight privileges.)

I realized early on my best thinking happens when my head is in the clouds, literally. Something about staring out the plane from the window seat gives my mind more clarity than anywhere else in the world. Not surprisingly, travel has played a massive part of my existence and served many purposes in my life: new experiences, self discovery, and sometimes purely escape. 

Though, after having been lucky to not only live in amazing locations but also dash off to unreal destinations,  one belief has been firmly concreted for me. Adventure is a state of mind. It's an openness to the potential of what might happen... anytime, anywhere. Many of my most memorable adventure moments have been born not only of the constant curiosity about what's around the world, but simply what's around the corner. Here's to hoping wayfare+wander inspires the same for you. 

Now, go on. Choose your own adventure.
Lauren Shaffer, Founder and Wayfarer